99% Approval for Evaluation MOU

Thanks to those of you who attended our Annual WenEA Membership Meeting and cast your advisory ballots on the MOU on evaluation.  The vote totals were 173 support, 2 no support, or 99% approval. NICE!


• Please make sure it never gets to evaluating me on a test score.

• Well done! Keep up the excellent work! Next stop: More $ for teachers!

• What about the use of U, B, P, D in observations? I heard they weren't going to use those terms in observations.

• Evaluators need to bring/provide evidence for comments made on evaluations especially if placed involuntarily on comprehensive. Comments need to be backed with evidence.

• Great work as always. Your time and effort are appreciated!

• Cloke rocks!

• Good job guys!

• Keep up the great work!

• Pro Cert

• Thank you