A Message from the Wenatchee Education Association to Our Community

Wenatchee teachers have voted to conduct a one-day walkout on Monday, May 18, to highlight the Washington State Legislature’s continued failure to amply fund public schools as required by the state Constitution.

Members of the Wenatchee Education Association believe all students deserve a quality public education, regardless of their ZIP Code.

Yet budget plans from both the state House and Senate fail to fund smaller class sizes for students in every grade, which is currently required by law. The budgets also fail to fund the professional and competitive pay and benefits needed to attract and keep caring, committed and qualified teachers and support staff working with Wenatchee students.

Our students have a constitutional civil right to a quality public education; unfortunately, our elected leaders in Olympia are placing that civil right in jeopardy.We have won court cases, worked hard to pass initiatives, held rallies and marches, met with legislators in Olympia, attended town halls, written letters and emails, and made phone calls.Yet the Legislature is still failing to fulfill its paramount duty to amply fund public education.

This is not a walkout against the Wenatchee School District. We appreciate the tremendous support our community has shown for our students and schools. The target of this action is the state Legislature. Thousands of teachers in districts across the state have taken similar action, and we are proud to join them.

Serving our students and their families is the primary reason we entered the education profession and guides each and every one of us every day in our work.

On May 18, we will be serving our students and families in a different way, through direct action to compel our Legislature to follow the constitution and obey the will of the voters. We invite everyone who shares this goal to join us that day as we take a stand for our community’s children.

We plan to send a strong message to our legislators: “It’s time to fully fund our public schools and the education our students deserve.”

Thank you for your continued support, and we hope you will join us on May 18