Contact our legislators ASAP!

Dear WenEA Member,

Things are moving quickly in the last ten days of the legislative session and we need you to do two things:

1) Sign the petition against using state test scores for teacher evaluations
2) Contact our legislators right away about evaluation, COLA and class size.

To make this quick and easy we have included links and some sample language that you can simply cut and paste into a template. Please free to create your own letter as well. The sample text is only a guideline. We are asking you to channel your communication via the Our Voice website because it allows us to track the number of contacts made to our legislators, which is helpful in holding them accountable.

Our issues are being discussed and debated in Olympia because legislators are hearing from us. Please help keep up the pressure by taking three minutes to add your voice at the links below.

1) Sign the petition to Secretary Duncan, Superintendent Dorn and Senator Litzow:

2) Sample text to cut and paste at the link below:

Please oppose efforts to use state test scores to evaluate teachers. As one of the original pilot districts for TPEP, Wenatchee educators have worked hard to make our current evaluation relevant, rigorous and effective. There is no research indicating that mandating the use of state test scores improves student learning or strengthens teaching. A single test given in the spring does not measure student growth. Only a fraction of teachers teach one of the subjects or grades currently covered by state tests. Although the change of a single word from “can” to “must” seems simple, it would move us from a superior evaluation system to an inferior one.
Additionally, please support Wenatchee and Washington educators by reducing class sizes and restoring the voter-approved COLA for educators in the 2014-2015 school year.

For more information see WEA’s Teacher Evaluation Principles:

Thank you for taking action!