We have a new contract!

Wenatchee School District and Wenatchee Education Association joint statement – 9/26/15

Wenatchee educators approve new contract
Members of the Wenatchee Education Association voted to ratify a new contract by a vote of 228 yes to 2 no or 99%, at a general membership meeting at Wenatchee High School this morning.

The agreement followed tough negotiations between the Wenatchee School District and WenEA. While the contract talks may have been difficult at times, it is clear all those involved care deeply about the strength and quality of Wenatchee schools and above all Wenatchee students.

The new contract supports our mission of providing students a world class education by lowering class sizes, allowing more personalized attention for students and giving educators a much deserved raise.
The Wenatchee School Board, district leaders and WenEA members can be proud that this contract reflects how deeply Wenatchee educators are valued and respected. With the contract complete our work continues, as we strive together to prepare our students for the challenges and successes of tomorrow.

Brian Flones, Superintendent Wenatchee School District
Kris Cameron, President Wenatchee Education Association