Wenatchee teachers vote to walk out over state funding


Wenatchee teachers have voted to conduct a one-day walkout on Monday, May 18, to highlight the Washington State Legislature’s continued failure to amply fund public schools as required by the state Constitution.

 They are the first teachers in Eastern Washington to join the rolling one-day teacher walkouts across Washington. (A complete list is here.)


“Members of the Wenatchee Education Association believe all students deserve a quality public education, regardless of their ZIP Code,” said Kris Cameron, president of the Wenatchee Education Association.

Cameron said teachers are protesting budget plans from both the state House and Senate that fail to fund smaller class sizes for students in every grade, which is currently required by law. The budgets also fail to fund the professional and competitive pay and benefits needed to attract and keep caring, committed and qualified teachers and support staff working with Wenatchee students.


Cameron emphasized this is not a walkout against the Wenatchee School District.

“We appreciate the tremendous support our community has shown for our students and schools,” she said. “The target of this action is the state Legislature. Thousands of teachers in districts across the state have taken similar action, and we are proud to join them. “


Cameron said teachers are planning multiple activities for May 18, including sign waving and a community education rally.